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What Our Customers Say About Us!


February 2019



We want you to know once again how much we appreciate that you went way beyond what you needed to do in order to help us. In our world of hurry and self-focus, it's a reminder that there are still those who take the time to notice someone else's need and do what they can to help. Many thanks!

God's blessings on you,

Richard & Sally Lopez


March 12, 2014

Hello there RV'ers! We want to be detailed and express to anyone who might read this letter that we, as well as our RV Club, have 'Always' had AWESOME SERVICE from California Camper Repair (CCR).


For instance ... YESTERDAY, we were going away for a few days, but we had a left-rear tire blow out as we were heading UP the Altamont Pass/Hwy. 580 going east. This is a windy, dangerous place.


The blow out caused extensive damage to our RV: The tire took out the RV's exhaust pipe, the generator's exhaust pipe, the gas line going to the generator, the cross member supports, along with a lot of wiring, while damaging the fender. Now, that is what we call EXTENSIVE damage.


We did NOT know what to do! The time was 4 p.m. with bumper-to-bumper cars and trucks. Who, in their right mind, would help us this late? At first, we called AAA Road Service, and they sent a tow truck out ... but we couldn't be towed due to the damage being on the left-rear tire. Wow, wouldn't you know it! We were 6" too tall to be carried on a low-boy trailer. We were STUCK there.


ANYWAY ... we called Duane at CCR. He assessed the damage by phone with my husband. Then, Duane used his networking, and he called a person from Bruce's Tires to meet him where we were broke down. Remember, this is commute time, our AAA didn't work out, and it is now almost 6:30 p.m.


Duane, the owner, came to our rescue on a MOTORCYCLE, with an 18 volt, battery-powered reciprocating saw. The damage had to all be cut away before Bruce's Tires could put a tire on for us. Do we think CCR went ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty? Hell YES!!


Cutting all of the damage away was a huge, dirty job! However, Duane made sure we were able to drive our RV home. Today, we took our RV into CCR. I ask you, "Who else would have been there for us?"


California Camper Repair has always been up-front, truthful, and honest with us and everyone we know! We both said, "All Duane needs is a cape, because Superman rescued us last night." Huge thanks to Bruce Tires also!


We just can NOT believe anyone could possibly give this business a low score. Remember, when you give out a score, your score influences the company in a Positive or a Negative way.


We have worked with owner, Duane, and we appreciate his support and highly recommend this company to all of you RV'ers out there.


Thanks and we hope this helped you with your choice of repair shops. Happy trails to you!
Bill and Loretta Sylvia

Fremont, CA



September 27, 2013


Dear Duane (you may use any of this you would like for promoting your services)


When I seriously damaged our motor home in Walnut Creek following one of my art shows there, you graciously hurried up the temporary repairs that could get us home safely. My husband had run out of his cancer medication, and needed to return to southern California. I will always be glad that our insurance, Progressive, uses your services.


Thank you,

Beth Summers




December 8, 2009


I want to Thank You for getting to the root of the problem with my Monaco. Appreciate you getting with the Mfg. to replace the Pump and all the paperwork required to get it replaced. Look forward to getting back on the road with your good care. Will wait and see the outcome with the pump Mfg. to get us a new replacement pump.


Will stay in touch and Thanks Again.



Ron Haddix




October 10, 2009


Dear Duane:


I want to thank you for great job you have done on my quirky 35' Pace Arrow.


I only wish I had known about California Camper Repair before actually purchasing my motor home. It would have saved me a lot of money and aggravation to have you do a pre-purchase exam on it.


My experience with other repair facilities hasn't been perhaps been what it should. So I really appreciate the depth and breadth of your combined knowledge, your attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction at a fair price. The written estimate of cost was right on and all the paperwork went smoothly.


I know you went to great lengths to research the problem with the front end and feel confident about having resolved the problem. Now I can drive it with full confidence in its soundness.



Marcie Haley - Fremont, CA




February 7, 2009


To California Camper,


I would like to thank you Duane for all your help and the service you have provided. It was our first Class A motor home when we had issues with it (and it still being under warranty).


Alpine Recreation service was so bad, they would keep the rig for over a month. Your turn-around time is efficient. It is amazing to find a company that makes you feel like family.


You have gone out of your way to help us keep to our schedule. Like this August when we were leaving for our 2 week vacation and went to get the motor home ready, the levelers would not go up. Your company found the time to take them apart, figure it out and we were on our way.


Also, earlier this year when we had a water leak under the refrigerator, Alpine personnel could not find anything. My husband got fed up and brought it to you and it was back in 2 days.


We have recommended you to other friends with their motor homes and they are very happy with your work also. Keep up the good work and THANKS AGAIN!


Paul and Mary Pappalardo

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